What I'm working on - November 2021

Hello World! As I write this blog into being, I'll briefly state my intentions for it. I anticipate this being, more than anything, a window into my learning journey. What I've done, what I'm doing, what I plan to do... Struggles and realizations... Celebrations! You get the gist.

For my inaugural blog post, I'll address what's on my plate in November 2021.

Big picture: I'm building my CSS and JavaScript fundamentals, laying the foundations of web development. I've worked through some introductory general programming material, and gotten a taste for the geography of the frontend stack through a cursory "bootcamp" course. I put that course on the back burner in order to solidify and iterate on the fundamentals that underlie so much of the rest.

In the spirit of progress over perfection, I'll let that suffice for now. I'll share more soon!